Data Center and Managed Services Provider

Telsist Communications is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) located in Montréal, Canada. An established managed services provider, Telsist has the unique advantage of operating its own Tier 3 data center.  Our data center’s focus is simple;  business continuity. With smart, effective, cost-saving managed IT services Telsist is positioned to help your team focus on growing the business and not on managing the company’s IT infrastructure.

Often it is the cost and the complexity of IT that becomes a roadblock to a company’s growth and continuity. Increased pressure to justify the ROI of IT budgets, mixed computing environments and security compliances have left many companies grounded with an outdated IT network. Leverage our data center to access the technology to expand your company’s potential without the capital costs and maintenance headaches.

As a managed services provider, we see first-hand the positive impact when managed IT services  are introduced into our customer’s IT network. It does not have to be hard, it does not have be costly but, your IT needs to work for you. 

For more insight on what we do, download Telsist’s company brochure.

Telsist Data Center offers distinct advantages:
  • Proven track record:  We take pride in our clients who find value and savings with managed services.
  • Technical expertise:  Telsist’s combined industry expertise is well over 70 years.
  • Leverage our IT:  Our data center is humming with state-of-the-art hardware and software for your use.
  • Fast and Flexible:  Data center gives us immediate access to technology to quickly tailor your IT services.
  • Service:  Need we say more?
  • Peace of Mind:  As your MSP, Telsist data center will accelerate your IT network.


What We Do

data backup and restore
Backup and Restore
If all your business data were wiped out, would your business survive?

data backup and disaster recovery
Disaster Recovery
Fire, flood, power outage, hurricane and cyber-attacks leads to lost data. How quickly can you recover to service your customers?

business continuity planning
Business Continuity
Business continuity is not something to consider at the time of a disaster. Proactive planning helps you to ride the storm.


managed IT services
Managed IT Services
Is the cost and complexity of IT creating a roadblock to company growth? Managed IT services provide the solution and savings.

virtualization services with Telsist
Discover how virtualization can benefit your IT environment.

hosted voice over IP
Save money with hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) service.

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