Case Studies

Case studies offer an observation to similiar situations and give insight on how they were resolved and why a certain approach was used.
G2S Toolshop is a distributor of professional tools and equipment throughout Canada, chose Telsist Data Assurance powered by the Asigra platform for comprehensive and continuous protection of all business data across all computing endpoints.

Established in 1988, G2S Toolshop is the warehouse that customers depend on for professional tools and equipment needs. As wholesale distributors, the company serves automotive and industrial after market retailers as well as mobile jobbers located across Canada. The company strives to fulfill the expectations of clients by understanding their needs and constantly evolving to meet demands as the market develops.

Prior to selecting Telsist Data Assurance, G2S was using an online backup solution which lacked the ability to adequately protect its SQL Server environment. Before that, G2S was using tape-based backup which was time-consuming to manage and lacked the ability to efficiently perform remote backup and recovery. After an extensive search of more robust data protection solutions, Asigra was selected for its feature-rich platform to protect the company’s growing list of business critical data.

G2S maintains an all Windows IT environment and has configured Asigra to protect all computing systems, including application servers and Windows OS desktops. G2S was especially interested in protecting its SQL Server database, accounting application data and volumes of unstructured file data. With the Telsist managed solution in place, G2S currently protects 30 gigabytes of data with Asigra’s local and remote recovery capabilities.

According to G2S Toolshop, the main reasons they went with Telsist and Asigra was because the companies offered a greater number of business oriented features. Additionally, the device agnostic solution provided for the protection of all computing systems and the broadest range of business application data. Add in remote recovery and automated always-on protection and this provided an unbeatable combination that more than meets the company’s data protection needs.

Like many organizations, G2S has found that automated cloud backup supported by a knowledgeable backup services team to be a high-value alternative to adding IT in-house resources for backup and disaster recovery (DR) management. Telsist customers like G2S also get the latest technology without the need to deploy, manage and maintain the process so that all critical data is recoverable when required.

So far, G2S has had to conduct one file-level recovery which was performed without a heavy time requirement. The same action using tape could have easily have taken ten times the amount of time which is a testament to the efficiencies gained with the cloud solution.

Key Benefits of Telsist Data Assurance for G2S:

   Remote backup with user-enabled recovery

   End-to-end protection of all computing systems

   Ability to recover the broadest range of business application data, including SQL Server

√   Hands-free operation managed by professional backup service provider

G2S Toolshop’s experience with Telsist Data Assurance mirrors the experience we hear from many of our customers.

While cost is a consideration, the requirement for enterprise-class features and a more reliable approach to data protection remain key considerations for many businesses.