Big Data

Companies spanning all industries are experiencing a high level of  big data growth as they struggle to keep up with the rise in data volume. Knowing how to manage and analyze big data has become critical for many businesses. But better approaches to the management, storage, sharing and security of company data is needed in order to effectively deal with this growth.

Telsist Data Assurance includes the capabilities to protect large volumes of data and big data repositories by leveraging technologies that are integrated into the Asigra platform.


What Exactly is Big Data?

As much as we would want to find a single dictionary definition of big data, it is difficult to find.  Big Data means different things to different people and it is a new term just coming into being.  In general, Big Data is any data that is defined by the following characteristics:

1.   A large amounts of data.

2.   It consists of both structured (data in databases) and unstructured data (documents, images, videos etc).

3.   Big data is complex to store and analyze.


 Why are Companies Interested in Big Data?

Prior to the arrival of big data, businesses used databases for the analysis of company data. With the rigid structure of databases, data analysis from such methods was able to provide a limited insight.  A lot of valuable information contained in unstructured file formats (pictures, documents, spreadsheets) was being left out.

The ability to analyze information from all these different types of data input to extract business insight is what is driving companies to embrace the promise of big data.


How does Telsist Protect Big Data?

The top 4 challenges companies have with Big Data protection are:

1.   The backup and restore of big data sets.

2.   Organizing and cataloging the data they have backed up.

3.   Keeping costs low while ensuring that the critical business data is available when needed.

4.   Managing shrinking backup windows.

Telsist uses a combination of common file elimination and source and target based global de-duplication to dramatically reduce the amount of data to be stored, so it effectively utilizes the storage resources and can protect large amounts of data.

The Asigra BLM Archiver allows you to reduce the cost of protecting data. It moves data that is less valuable into cheaper cloud storage or, by reducing the licensing cost of protecting this less valuable information. Companies can better align the cost of protecting the data to its intrinsic value.

In leveraging the snapshot capabilities of the storage hardware, Data Assurance helps to reduce your company’s backup window to protect large data stores.

Telsist understands that the business challenges and dynamics of big data is a real concern. When companies can analyze ALL of their available data, rather than a subset, they gain a powerful advantage over their competition. Leverage Telsist’s technology and our data center expertise to apply big data backup solutions tailored to address your big data business .