Business Continuity

Why is Business Continuity Important?

No one can afford to lose business and customers because of failed computer systems. Downtime is frustrating and only serves to have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line.

Through our conversations with customers, we have found that many business owners mistakenly believe that because they have a copy of their data stored somewhere, there is a business continuity plan in place.

In the event of a major disaster with no access to the office building, server or data, business owners expect to be quickly up and running again. Our experience shows us that is not always so. If your office building burned to the ground, do you know who to call, where to go and how you will continue to service your customers? Every business should have some type of plan for continued operation following such a disaster.

Telsist’s proactive approach to business continuity encompasses the IT activities that are performed to maintain a level of service to your customers, consistency in operations and the recoverability of data. Our business continuity plan provides temporary access to telephone systems, a furnished office space with internet connection for key employees to maintain operations and service customers.

With the emergence of cloud computing and virtualization, Telsist has the ability for your business to operate during a disaster. Improve the business continuity by virtualizing your company’s critical IT infrastructure. Not only is the business data protected but, the company applications are virtualized and are accessible via the internet when there is no access to the company office.

 Key Benefits:
  • Reduce the downtime and utimately the cost incurred from planned and unplanned outages.
  • Lower cost of effective business continuity solutions. No need of capital expenditures for additional hardware.
  • Simplify the processes for your company’s business continuity.
  • Expand the protection by extending Telsist business continuity plans to other company applications.


In a Perfect World

In a perfect IT world, every company should have a business continuity plan or, at least a disaster recovery plan .  Reviewed and updated annually, these IT plans are ready for when the unexpected happens.

Call Telsist to provide a simple and effective way of planning and implementing a business continuity plan that will accelerate your company’s disaster recovery solution.