Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery

Common sense tells us that the worst time to check the quality of your data backup is during a disaster recovery.

You are scrambling to assess the damage and get the business on-line as quickly as possible. It is a very stressful situation.

 With all the rationale, it is shocking to see statistics indicate 94% of companies who suffer a major data loss never reopen for business, or close within two years.

 Now is the time to start thinking and planning for disaster recovery because, disasters DO happen.

  Floods happen.

  Ice storms happen.

  Hurricanes happen.

√  Power outages happen.

√  Server crashes happen.

  Employee sabotage happens.

√  Fires happen.


Disaster Recovery is Key

 The most important part a disaster recovery is the sucessful recovery of company data. Telsist’s Simple DR Plan is tailored to:

  recover the business

√  recover the company data

√  recover the company reputation

√  recover your peace of mind

At Telsist, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. No one intends for terrible things to happen, but having a disaster recovery plan will make the difference between survival and bankruptcy.

Downtime no matter how brief, is always stressful. A copy of company data stored in a safe somewhere does not guarantee that the company data is current or even accessible. The key difference is a disaster recovery plan–how are you going to get the company data back onto a working platform that allows you to continue operations and serving your customers.

At Telsist, we’ll be glad to discuss your company’s needs for disaster recovery. When it does happen, you and your employees will know what to expect, and common sense will prevail.