Hosted Exchange

Benefits of hosted exchange

Whether your company is an SMB or a large organization, email correspondence continues to be an effective and affordable way of communication.

Compare the many advantages of hosted exchange. Does the cost and benefit of maintaining an email server provide the best return on your IT investment?

 Email is no longer simply provisioning email accounts for your employees. There’s a growing number of challenges that many companies face in this simple service. Today, companies must deal with evolving employee requirements such as mobility and larger mailboxes, increasing security issues, and even regulatory compliance. 

Why Consider Hosted Exchange?

As a cloud-based solution, hosted exchange has a lot to offer. With the physical email server and its maintenance taken care of by Telsist, it provides an opportunity to reduce operational costs, refocus staff on core tasks, reduce infrastructure costs, and even avoid the complete burden of a platform upgrade.

Consider the simplicity and freedom with Telsist’s reliable hosted exchange.

Key Benefits of Hosted Exchange;

  1. No capital expenditure for under-utilized email servers.
  2. No interruption of email service.
  3. Fast, turn-key deployment of email service.
  4. Low monthly fee.
  5. No annual contract needed with Telsit.
  6. Zero maintenance.
  7. Flexible and scalable service with Telsist.
  8. No more email headaches.

The benefits of email hosting are numerous. Whatever your company’s email requirements are, Telsist will guide you with flexible and affordable hosted exchange packages to increase productivity, communication and collaboration.  Ask us how you can get started today for a low fee of $11 per month!