Software as a Service

Software as a Service

Traditionally, businesses have always been “buy” type of business.

Maybe it’s a bit dated but, they simply buy things and don’t like to rent.

Today, businesses face a similiar decision as they review their options for implementing internal software.

Until recently, there was only one way to implement new software. It was to get budget approval, purchase, install and continuously update the software.

The adoption of cloud computing has provided new venue to allow all companies regardless of size, to “lease” the software when considering Software as a Service (SaaS) offered by Telsist

What is Software as a Service?

Software as a Service is more than just a rental. It leverages Telsist’s data center hardware, software, updates, bandwidth, electricity, redundancy, support, and much more to deliver an on-demand software service over distance.

If your company is looking to adopt established processes for a particular function, like CRM or warehouse management, Telsist will perform the software as a service installation and maintenance while your company benefits from the savings, flexibility and improved performance with Telsist SaaS.

Why Consider Software as a Service?

Remember when…

Rewind the film and imagine for a moment, a typical 1990′s style software purchase.

First you bought a source code control system. Next you set up yet another server somewhere to install the software. Then you had additional ongoing support costs of the server. Let’s not forget the staff time and money spent to do updates and purchase upgrades to the software. Downtime becomes a common occurance with the risk of a botched upgrades jeopardizing the performance and security of the IT network.

Press repeat – start the process and headaches all over again.

Why not centralize with SaaS?

It is smart business sense to make the most of the limited resources of time and money. Companies want to streamline their operation, reduce cost but without compromising on quality.

Put aside the impulsive need to ‘buy’. Realize better performance,  improved flexibility and cost savings throughout your organization with Telsist software as a service.

Cost-savings: When the cost of hardware, software and the facility needed for maintenance is calculated, it is difficult to match the economies of scale provided by Telsist SasS service.
Flexibility: Software as a service allows your IT staff to effortlessly roll out and update software as needed.
Higher Security: With sensitive data hosted at Telsist, our data center is equipped with firewalls, surveillance and a safe computing environment. With Telsist SaaS, you benefit from increased IT security.
Focused IT: Outsource the mundane tasks related to software deployment and maintenance. Free up your IT staff to support your business objectives.

Take back the control over your software investments with on demand software.  Ask your Telsist representative about how your company can realize greater efficiencies of anywhere accessibility, pay-as-you-use structure, simplified upgrades and easy integration.