Online Backup

Telsist online backup is less painful.If all your company data was wiped out…

Would your business survive? Sadly statistics indicate that only 6% of companies actually survive a data loss. Ever wonder what happens to the other 94%?

No one thinks twice about insuring a company’s physical assets as a building and equipment. In the event of a claim, these assets can be replaced.



Lost company data is not as forgiving. Without a proper online backup and recovery service, there is very little recourse. Without current data, how can company department function? Whether it is accounting, manufacturing or e-commerce, the productivity of every department is linked to access of current and accurate data.


Online Backup Services

Telsist understands that a proper online backup service is vital to your company’s growth. We are Backup Heroes and take online backup and data recovery seriously. Backup Heroes are those  that have felt the pain of not backing up important data.

Telsist Data Assurance “set-it and forget-it” approach to online backup gives Backup Hereos peace of mind. The key advantage with online backup services from Telsist is data recovery.

Telsist Data Assurance optimizes your company’s data Back Up Recovery and Restore (BURR) with a turn-key solution. We understand that data IS a company’s most valuable resource. Whatever the data backup challenge, Telsist’s provides affordable online backup services to ensure your company’s business continuity.


Telsist Simplifies Offsite Backup

  • Is downtime costing your company time and money?
  • Need online backup and recovery of mobile data on smartphones and tablets?
  • Is the current data backup service cracking under your company’s data growth?
  • Do you and your staff have better things to do than babysit the daily data backup?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, Telsist Data Assurance is your online backup solution.