Goodbye Tape Backup

The heated debate between tape backup solution and online storage and recovery of  data continues to exasperate IT professionals!   

Why online storage and recovery over a tape backup solution? Simply put, if your business operations has evolved over the years, shouldn’t the way you protect its most valuable asset evolve as well? Business data IS your company’s most valuable asset. Without access to current and accurate information how can any company function properly?

Adoption of cloud computing has allowed for data backup and restore solutions to mature over the last decade. Tape does not compare to a complete end-to-end protection of cloud based data backup, recovery and restore solution. In the event of a data loss, the value of a good backup is its ability to quickly restore your data with confidence and get back to business.

Telsist vs. Tape Backup

The pros and cons are outlined here for you to compare. Contact Telsist for an honest opinion about your company’s data backup requirements.

›  Ease of Install:

Telsist – One piece of software installed where data needs to be protected that manages the backup of the remote offices and mobile devices. Agentless architecture minimizes disruptions and security risks.

Tape – Tape backup solutions require software to be installed on each server which can be costly, cumbersome and time consuming with multiple sites to backup.

›  Data Security:

Telsist – Data is encrypted both in flight and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. With its FIPS 140-2 security certification your data is protected at the highest level of security and compliance.

Tape – Non-encrypted tapes are a tempting target for thieves and are easily lost or stolen. Tape backup solution requires controlled storage conditions to avoid bit rot and corrupted data.

›  Ease of Use:

Telsist – Once a backup schedule is established, set it and forget it. Focus your time and resources elsewhere as your centralized backup runs unattended with little intervention.

Tape – Even the best tape schedules can be disrupted due to tape drive failure, tape capacity, employee sickness and human error.

›  Continuous Protection:

Telsist – With an unprecedented increase in data the time allocated for backups is shrinking. Rather than performing weekly backups, Telsist operates by backing up incremental changes daily. This dramatically reduces the cost and time of company backup.

Tape – Tape backup solution requires the backup of all data including duplicate files and old data. This increases the backup window and is more labor-intensive and costly to perform.

›  Mobile Strength:

Telsist – Handheld devices like smart phones and tablets are business tools that generate business data. Telsist offers the same backup protection strategy and control to the company data residing on these mobile devices.

Tape – Backing up mobile devices slows down application and network response time annoying the users and diminishing their productivity.

›  Cost Savings and ROI:

Telsist – Pay-as-you-grow and only pay for what you use, when you use it. Automated backup saves money on capital expenditures while maintaining the highest level of BURR security and compliance.

Tape – Capital costs includes hardware, software and facility for off-site storage of backup tapes.  Increased labour cost to train company staff and for technicians to install, support tape backup installations.