Data Backup and Restore

If all your company data were wiped out….

would your business survive? Sadly statistics indicate that only 6% of companies actually survive a data loss.

Ever wonder what happens to the other 94%? In a data loss emergency, will your company still be in business with a minimal impact to its bottom line, productivity and its well-earned reputation intact?  Without a proper data backup and restore plan, the pain of data loss is real and the consequences are real.

Data protection

No one thinks twice about insuring a company’s physical assets, such as a building and equipment.  In the event of a claim, these assets can be easily replaced.

Lost company data is not as forgiving. Without a proper data backup and restore plan, there is very little recourse. Today, there are many data backup and restore options available to fit company needs and IT budget.  Regardless of the data backup solution, it must meet the 3C’s

 The 3C’s of Data Protection
Comprehensive: It must address all facets of data protection like human errors, hardware / software failures, theft and all other possible disasters.
Convenience: It must be a ‘set and forget it’. All companies are strapped for resources, so any solution that requires constant managements will not be effective.
Cost-Effective: It must fit within the budget as companies have a limited budget for IT. Data protection comprises only one part of the whole IT budget.


Telsist’s backup solution measures up to and surpasses the 3C’ requirements.  Automate your company backup with a “set-it and forget-it” approach of Telsist Data Assurance.


Backup Recovery and Restore (BURR)

The key difference between Telsist and other backup options is data recovery.

Telsist understands that providing the best data backup and restore service is fundamental to your company’s business continuity. Trust our expertise so that you can plan now and worry less later. Not only insure your business assets insured but, assure your data with Telsist Data Assurance.


Yesterday’s Backup…

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