Data Recovery

Are you minutes away from a catastrophe?

In the event of a data loss disaster, is your company relying on the occasional on-site data backup for its data recovery?  With hope and fingers crossed do you have the peace of mind that the data recovery is properly done?

Hope is a scary and risky strategy when it comes to company’s data.  Data IS a company’s most valuable resource, and data recovery with Telsist Data Assurance is the best off-site data protection strategy.


Be a Backup Hero

Telsist wants you be a Backup Hero! Backup Heroes take backup and data recovery seriously. They are often the ones that have felt the pain of not backing up. Don’t wait for data loss to teach you the virtue of backing up! Wisdom is being a Backup Hero and learning from the mistakes of others.

Telsist understands that a proper backup and data recovery service is vital to your company’s growth. Without current data, how can any company department function? Whether it is accounting, manufacturing or e-commerce, every department’s productivity is linked to access of current and accurate data.

Can your company survive without access to business data and not let it have a negative impact to its bottom line? Can you trust 100% that your current solution will routinely backup data, recover and restore it when it is needed? If your answer and strategy is “I hope so”, then you are taking a huge risk with your company’s most important asset — the data residing on your network.

Sadly, statistics prove that only 6% of companies actually survive a data loss. Ever wonder what happens to the other 94%?  In a data loss emergency, will your company still be in business with a minimal impact to its bottom line, productivity and with your well-earned reputation intact?

Telsist’s commitment is to provide our customers an affordable, automatic data backup and recovery service to ensure business continuity. Whatever the data backup challenge, Telsist is here to listen and tailor our managed services to assure that your company data is always available and always secure.


Telsist Data Assurance Simplifies Data Backups

  1. Is downtime costing your company time and money in productivity and sales?
  2. Are you looking for a service that tackles the problem of backing up mobile data on smartphones and tablets?
  3. Is the current online backup service cracking under your company’s data growth?
  4. Do you and your staff have better things to do than babysit the company’s daily data backup?
  5. If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, it is time to consider Telsist Data Assurance.