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Selecting a data backup,  recovery and restore (BURR) platform is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Whether the needs are for server backup or mobile data protection, Telsist has a cloud based data backup solution that fits.

In partnering with Asigra, Telsist offers a complete data backup service.  We are supported by Asigra’s 26 years of experience in the BURR industry and empowered to provide the same backup service which currently backs up and restores well over 550,000 sites worldwide.

Telsist’s expertise with the Asigra platform, coupled with the investment in our data center, makes it a natural fit to provide powerful, complete and cost-effective data backup and recovery services. Ask us about Backup Hero offer that is sure to make you a celebrity at the office!


Key Benefits of Telsist Data Assurance

›  Exciting Firsts with v12

• Backup, restore data in cloud-based applications and platforms (eg Salesforce) the same way you backup other data.

• Enhanced end-to-end data protection. Regardless of device or, BYOD policy ALL data is backed up to ONE location.

• Virtual Disaster Recovery with local and remote failovers when faced with machine or site failures.

• Efficient backup of large data sets with Asigra Snapshots.

• Support of even more operating platforms.

›  Tape Backup

While tape is appropriate for some cases of data backup and storage, it does not compare to a complete end-to-end protection of cloud based data backup, recovery and restore solution. Tape backups, external hard drives and other media-driven backups are designed to backup company data but not recover and restore it.

›  Big Data

The unprecedented growth of data challenges companies to improve not only their backup and recovery procedures but the management and protection of the data as well. By leveraging Asigra’s technology, Telsist Data Assurance includes the capability to protect large volumes of data.

›  Endpoint Device Backup

Data Assurance provides a single solution to protect all data in the enterprise including mobile devices. From enterprise servers to physical and virtual machines to desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and cloud-based applications, our backup service can backup all data seamlessly to our own secure data center.

Gartner Research predicts that by 2015 more than 60% of enterprises will have suffered material loss of sensitive corporate data via mobile devices.

›  Cloud Ready

Cloud ready to adapt to the specific elements of any cloud backup and recovery strategy, including public, private and hybrid environments. However you choose to create a cloud backup plan, the Asigra platform can easily adapt to ensure the reliable protection of business data.

›  Simple licensing

No license fees equals no overspending or time wasted on tracking of site licenses.

›  Agentless

Telsist Data Assurance backup is based on agentless architecture. It’s smart, simple saves time and minimizes disruptions to the server. No port is left open on the firewall which decreases cyber-security risks during software upgrades.

›  One Software

Data Assurance is one piece of software installed at your company’s site where data needs to be protected. Whether your site is an office, a mobile laptop, a smart phone or a tablet, Data Assurance software is designed to accommodate a range of backup requirements and transmit encrypted (FIPS 140-2) data securely back to the Telsist data center.

›  Supports Leading Applications & OS

From MS SharePoint, MySQL, Windows, Unix and numerous others applications and OS, Data Assurance provides agentless backup and recovery to different devices such as PCs, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

›  Single Point of Management

One single turnkey software to install, manage and upgrade, eliminating the need to manage a multiple-point solution to ensure your data is protected and easy to recover.

›  Effortless scaling

Reliable, ‘pay-as-you-use’ cloud backup, Data Assurance is designed to capture, ingest and store less data and easily accommodate increase in capacity, new applications and new sites for backup services. This offers a competitive edge with cost savings while maintaining the highest level of data compliance and security.

›  Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM)

Every business stores data of varying importance. Data required for day-today operations must be easily accessible. Less important data can be saved to less expensive storage and eventually deleted to ensure compliance. Managing data based on how important it is can save a company money.