Simple DR Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan is a step in  the right direction

The Simple Disaster Recovery (DR) plan provides essential safeguarding of your business data and business operations. With exceptional scalability, reliability and most importantly, recoverability the Simple DR plan is crucial to getting your company and its data back in business.

The purpose of creating a Simple DR plan is to anticipate potential disasters (natural or man-made) that could affect the functionality of your IT network and the access to company data.  A plan that is in place will minimize the negative impact disasters could have on your customers, sales, employees and operations.


Simple DR Plan

The focus of Telsist’s Disaster Recovery Plan is on the preparation by;
  1. Detailing inventory of all company IT assets.
  2. What backup, security and business continuity systems are in place and are they sufficient.
  3. Prioritization of  IT assets.
  4. RTO (recovery time objective) and strategy to get your key IT systems working again.
  5. Preventative steps put in place to allow for a fast restoration of data, IT systems and business functions.
  6. Identification of necessary resources needed to support business continuity. This includes personnel, company information, equipment and the protection of IT infrastructure and facilities.
  7. Suggested secure locations for the current version of your company’s DR plan to be located.
  8. Annual review of the DR plan with amendments made as needed.

A business continuity plan is tailored to anticipate potential disasters that could occur to your IT infrastructure with detailed processes for recovery within the determined ojective.


Disaster Readiness

Hope is not a business strategy. Every business needs a DR plan and the right recovery strategy that fits with their business profile. A DR plan sets out preventative steps that can only be appreciated  when disaster strikes.

Telsist’s disaster readiness starts with an overview of your company’s current data backup plan. We then investigate where your data is stored, on what device it is stored on (PCs, mobile, tablet), what type of data it is (document, image, database) and how secure your network is. This will help us to determine if your critical data is being backed up properly and, how fast your IT systems can be back online in the event of a data disaster.

At the very least, Telsist can put in place a proper backup and restore plan to ensure continuous off-site protection. With your company’s data in a secure, off-site location, a large part your company’s disaster recovery puzzle is being looked after.

A disaster recovery plan does not have to complicated. Regardless of the type of data, quantity of data, or budget, you need to know if your business could continue to operate after a disaster, call us for more information about Simple DR Plan.