Voice over IP

Do more.  Achieve more.  Voice over IP

Businesses achieve more when they find the right people with the right solution at the right time.

Companies are continuously seeking new ways to be competitive while trimming their operating expenses. VoIP business service allows employees regardless of location, to stay connected to the office at a lower cost. Empower your team to achieve more with a harmonized communications of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that synchronizes all communication needs into a seamless platform.


Why Voice over IP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) leverages a company’s existing internet connection to carry all phone calls from multiple locations to be integrated into a single phone system. Voice over IP is a proven technology that is a seamless, internet-based solution. It delivers a high-end business telephone system  loaded with value-added features BUT without the high-end price.

Download Telsist VoIP glossary which outlines the many cost-saving features that are available with voice over IP service.

 Glossary of VoIP Features

While the technology may seem complicated, VoIP service is reliable and popular for businesses of all sizes. Voice over IP phone system is scalable to company growth and provides significant cost savings over a conventional phone and long international rates.


Benefits of Voice over IP

Cost savings:    

The most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving potential. Local and long-distance calls are routed through the company internet at a fraction of the cost. When we move away from public switched networks, there is no need to lease Telco lines making an impact in savings.
No phone system to support: No need to concern yourself with supporting company telephone system. One call to one provider for changes, upgrades and techinical support.
Scale up or scale down: Determining the future capacity of a phone system can be a guessing game. No need to invest upfront in cpacity that may never by used. Flexible VoIP grows with your business to scale up or scale down when you need it.
Advanced call features: Tired of paying for costly add-ons such as voice mail, caller ID, conference calling? Plenty of value-added features are available with VoIP allowing your business to shine when customers call without the costly burden.
Keep your number: Your telephone number remains constant regardless of where you relocate. With a internet connection the phone network follows, no fees, no hassle.


Telsist voice over IP service delivers business agility. Reduce the cost and complexity of company communications, improve the efficiency and your competitiveness to do more and achieve more.


 9-1-1 Information for VoIP Users

Telsist wants to ensure that our customers are aware of the importanat differneces in the way 9-1-1 service operates with a voice over IP telephone system compared to a traditional phone system.

Download the Voice over IP 9-1-1 document to understand what you need to keep in mind;  Telsist VoIP 911 information