VoIP Reseller Program

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As technology advances, business telephone solutions are rapidly changing. More than ever, this allows businesses the power of greater flexibility and greater options.


Voice over IP is a growing industry with phone systems migrating to a cloud-based environment.

Provide your customers with a value-added, cost-saving service as VoIP and cash in on the booming demand for VoIP. Resell VoIP business services under your own white label brand. With Telsist VoIP reseller program is easy, turn-key and profitable.


VoIP Business Solutions that Fit

Leverage the brand and relationships you have already created with your customers and offer a profitable value-added service. Recurring revenue with worthwhile profit margins makes VoIP an expanding business opportunity.

With Telsist VoIP reseller program, there is no network or carriers to manage or large support teams to employ. Components needed to run a reseller VoIP business is provided and is managed through our cloud-based interfaces.

  • Start-up support and training
  • Branded control panel
  • Control panel access to create & manage accounts
  • Wholesale phone numbers
  • Wholesale minutes; no minimum
  • Set-up your own plans
  • E-9-1-1 service per number
  • 40+ telephone features to offer
  • Sales materials to get you started

Telsist has assembled a glossary of cost-saving VoIP features available to add value to your white label VoIP service.

If you are a reseller and want to continue to establish a strong market presence in the industry, Telsist VoIP reseller program wants to be part of your service offering. Click on the link below and send us your contact details and we will provide you with more information about the benefits of joining VoIP partner program.

Get started on Telsist VoIP Reseller program.